Are you bored with mirrors, paintings, wallpapers, and photo frames? The WoodzMaps™ alternative is here! are for those who think out of the box to style the home interior!

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Maps are great to have at home for many different reasons, while WoodzMaps pieces are even better.

Whatever size your room – small or big – looking at a blank wall is quite boring. With Enjoy The World wooden map, you have a chance to bring something unique and different to your interior!

Made with eco-friendly materials, the 3D map is available in different options:

Blank Map (only Map with names and borders NOT engraved);

Prime Map (only Map with names and borders engraved);

Prime+(even more details (mountains, rivers, lakes) and even richer colors!)

    Display your wanderlust in a non-conventional way! Add photos from the previous journeys – order cute tiny flag pins to pin your memories to the map.

    Whatever the interior – be it your home or office – the WoodzMaps plays equally well with contemporary, industrial, transitional, minimalistic, rustic, or any other style. Is there a blank wall?

    That’s all needed for a décor like this that goes with everything.

    The wooden WoodzMaps wall art is perfect for those who seek a non-conventional gift for a Christmas, Birthday, Hanukah, Thanksgiving, House Warming, or any other special occasion.

    While vivid travelers would have an opportunity to display their wanderlust in a unique way, people with aesthetic taste would appreciate a chance to add style to their place.

    Do the assembling part yourself! The process won’t take long. Plus, all the required tools are provided with every purchase.

    For more information on Shipping and Return, refer the Shipping and Returns page

    For more information on map sizes, refer the Size Guide page

    PLEASE NOTE: The map is not a geographical one, some smaller countries and islands may be omitted. Each Map is unique and shades vary because it's made of natural wood.


    As the first creators of WoodzMaps, Enjoy The Wood offers you original products backed by a strong patent portfolio, reaffirming our commitment to innovation and protection 🥇.
    Handcrafted from birch plywood, WoodzMaps from the multicolor collection are elegant and lightweight. They will stand the test of time and won’t lose their vibrant colors. Both the wood and paint used in the process of manufacture are non-toxic (the items work perfectly in any room since they pose no danger to your health!).

    3D maps of size S, and all sizes in 'blank' options are manufactured without any pre-made holes for push pins.


    birch plywood



    Default language

    English (can be customized)


    6 - 12 mm

    International patent

    Guaranteed shipping

    Enjoythewood MISSION OXYGEN


    20 trees today - 50.000 trees tomorrow

    tree enjoythewood

    Empty wall is not a solution


    • Map accessories

      You may customize your map with nicely engraved ocean names and wooden decorations such as planes and boats. The Antarctica panel and an elaborate compass are also included.

    • Double side sticky tape

      The double-sided tape will make your installation process quick and

      easy. It is suitable for most surfaces. No other materials are needed to mount the Map!

    • Corner stencils

      Make sure you use corner stencils during the map installation. Place

      them in the top two corners for proper alignment of Map borders. It is easier to start the Map installation!n names and wooden decorations such as planes and boats. The Antarctica panel and an elaborate compass are also included.

    • Instructions

      Each Map comes with easy to follow instructions to ensure a smooth set-up process. Lifetime warranty is included. Our managers are always happy to help you if you have any questions

    Why You'll Love WoodzMaps From Enjoy The Wood

    • 100% Unique Expert Craftsmanship

      Buying unique décor at Enjoy The Wood company is synonymous with quality of origin. Shop for the very best in unique and custom handmade décor pieces!

    • Standout Quality

      Treat yourself to top-quality, incredibly realistic, and artfully illustrated WoodzMaps wall decor. Excellence confirmed by ⭐ 20,000 positive reviews of satisfied users!

    • Style Making a Difference

      Patent qualityEnjoy The Wood maps pair well with all existing designs, adding an extra wow factor the any interior. From styling interior advice to helping you pick a specific wooden wall decor, our advisors are ready to assist.

    • Tailored to You

      We can customize a WoodMaps wall decor to your style. We can change the size, add details, add personal info, and do all kinds of personalization. Our craftsmen have loads of ideas. Just ask!

    • All-In-One Purchase

      Enjoy The WoodzMaps makes a standout interior spot. Express your style, plan your next trips, track previous adventures, or get an investment-worthy Enjoy The World wooden map as a gift!

    Have a question ? We are here to help.

    Will the Map stick to the wall which is not perfectly smooth and even (i.e. roughcast or wallpaper)?
    Yes, it will. It depends on the type and height of the wall surface layer though. The smoother, the better.
    How long does it actually take to install the Map?

    The installation process takes several hours. It's a fun project to do as a group, if you wish.

    Are there any tips to help with the installation?

    Hold off on opening your box with the Map for 2-3 hours upon bringing it home, to give it some time to adapt to your home temperature. After opening the box, follow the instructions included and watch the video guides. Please note that to separate the islands, one should gently press on each piece, from top to bottom, until it comes out, to avoid chipping.

    World Map: Timeless, En Vogue & Crafted to Last Generations

    There is a die-hard cliché that wood is beyond competition and offers a timeless look. With our handcrafted wall maps, we could go on with more advantages. Our woodwork combines quality, and creative craftsmanship with time-tested wood types. Made of birch plywood, the wooden map is resistant to wear and tear. Besides, the elegant map design successfully transforms the mood of a room or entire place. This provides incredible value for your money.

    Whatever Your Interior Style, It’s not Complete Without a World Map

    The beauty of real woodwork art can’t be replaced. We offer meaningful and quality wall maps built of birch plywood with ingenious engravings. They look good in any design – from traditional and farmhouse to industrial and modern. Mount the map on the wall, and the beauty of your room is centered around it!

    Incorporate a world map into your room as:

    - a family-friendly décor choice

    - the best look without too many efforts

    - a travel inspiration

    - an earth-friendly décor

    Gift-Ready Packaging

    Check out our gift-ready packaging options! Every product delivered in an aesthetic gift box that is:

    - handmade and ready to ship

    - equipped wooden continents, planes, sticky tape, instructions, etc.

    - eco-friendly

    - crafted in a style that echoes the map style

    - a perfect alternative to conventional gift wrapping

    Customer reviews

    5 Reviews
    Julie C.

    This is the second map we bought. We bought a XL for the house and a L for our cottage. Both the same, the WoodzMaps. We absolutely love it. We saw a difference between the first one and second one. The stickers are better but there wasn’t enough. The oceans should have the sticky backing same as the small islands. That new sticker backing worked really well. The wooden pins are not as nice hence why we ordered the metal pins. There were a few new islands that came in the second map we ordered. Some of the pieces edges broke as we were taking them apart. We had to glue tiny pieces together. Overall happy with this product and would buy again and recommend it. Thank you for making these!

    Louise B.

    Tout est parfait, aucun regret d’avoir attendu 1 an pour pouvoir nous offrir cette Map ! 😍

    Karoline S.

    Im verden happy about my world map. It look fabulous. Unforthunatly im missing at least two Islands. Around New Zealand and Indonesia. On your website it shows an island on top og New Zealand and one under Indonesia. I looked for Them more than 5 times ind the pile of tree leftovers, as I have kept to be shure.

    Also i Wonder why there is No Islands of the canarian and why there is No pin for the balearic Islands as the Islands has a hole for a pin.

    Otherwise im fully satisfied.

    Hope you like my design

    Andrew R.

    10/10 Quality Product

    10/10 Service

    Thank you!

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    Cathy M.

    I love my map! It looks perfect on my ocean colored wall.

    I thought I was missing some pieces, but after I got everything up I went back and looked at the leftover pieces and found 3 in the shapes I was looking for, they just weren't labeled. It was a lot of fun to put together.