SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer
SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer

SnuggleHeat™ - 2*5000mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer

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  • Split-type Magnetic Design:Under the attraction of super magnetic force, 2*5000mAh hand warmers can combine into a palm-sized also easily separated to fit into two pockets of jacket or gloves. You can use one in each hand or share this warmth with your family.

  • Pocket-friendly, Compact Body:As lipstick size, easy to slip into your pocket or your pack. Cylindrical body ergonomic design for easy grip, emanating constant heat while keeping your blood flowing.

  • Ultimate Comfortable Heating: Made of premium aircraft-grade aluminum with a polished silicone surface that heats up in 3s while you feel comfortable,3 levels adjustable heats up quickly to 126°F, also we simplify your operation by remembering the previous level of heat you selected and switching to it the next time you use it.

  • Superior Safety:Quality and safety are our top priorities, equipping with advanced safety chips, smart temperature control, and durable ABS material that work together to prevent overcharging, overheating, or short-circuiting. It has UL/CE/FCC certified after rigorous testing to ensure user safety.

  • Warm Winter Gifts: For people who always complain about the cold, whether you're a sports enthusiast or winter commuter, especially for Raynaud's arthritis sufferers who need heat therapy. It's a perfect gift to bring the warmth of fingertips to their hearts on Christmas and anniversaries.

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Double warmth. Double happiness.

"We created UT2s with the idea that if you need to share your warmth with your friends, family and pals during the cold winter months, then UT2s can help."

4 levels of heating up to 136℉

Choose the heating level that's most comfortable for you. Snuggle Heat offers 4 levels of heating, from 100℉ to 136℉, to meet your needs in all conditions. The heater will remember the level you last chose, so you can easily turn on the same heat again.

Separated. Keep Both HandsToasty

Snuggle Heat is composed of two identical hand warmers that can be attached together using built-in magnets.

You'll have 2 stylish hand warmers after separating them. Perfect for sharing with family members or slipping into your pockets, holding one in each hand.

Snap on. Massive Heat inSleek Body.

You’ll have a sleek and compact hand warmer that produces massive heat after attach them together. The strong magnets keep the two hand warmers together, so you don't have to worry about it coming apart while you're on the go.

360 degree quick warmingexperience

Within 20% power density increased, Snuggle Heat can produce a massive heat in 3 seconds. And its super durable, smooth, uni-body high grade brushed aluminum housing promotes heat retention and even heat distribution. This provides a 360 degree warming experience.

Customer reviews

16 Reviews
Apr 25, 2023

Super Warm and portable

These little hand warmers are great. They get warm, super fast and last for 4 to 5 hours. And the charging takes a while, but well worth it I highly recommend.

Is this helpful?

Apr 02, 2023


This hand warmer has been great thus far. It heats up pretty quickly and you can set it to different temperatures. It can also serve as a battery pack. The two pieces stick together with a strong magnet and store well with the drawstring bag it comes with. I take it everywhere with me now, because I get cold very easily.

Mar 05, 2023

Great for Raynaud's

My mother is having a bit of an issue with Raynaud's syndrome lately so I thought these were a perfect way to warm the hands quickly. Mid-February in Canada can be unforgiving both in temperature and dry air so these were a perfect addition to her tool kit.Unfortunately, even the lowest setting was a bit too warm with direct contact in the hands, but she resolved this pretty easily by wearing some thin gloves. I could see plenty of other practical uses for these, I may even invest in a pair myself.Pros:☺ Get warm fast.☺ Compact, about the size of a twinkie.Cons:☹ Even the lowest setting is a little too warm.Overall: If you are looking for some slick little hand warmers these are a great option.. Highly Recommend

Christian Lopez
Feb 20, 2023

Warms up fast!

I was skeptical about how fast it would heat up but it does fast within seconds! Still need to try to charge a phone w them but the device is easy to use. Definitely a must for people who are going out most the day.

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Jacob Terrazas
Feb 10, 2023

Great for hands and massages

Surprised by how good these are. They are nice and smooth with a decent size to fit in hand. They get warm enough to actually help keep my hands warm and with pain. I’m actually planning on using them with my massage therapy as the round side actually glides easily on skin and cloth and gets hot enough equal to a hot stone. While the charging takes a while to get a full charge it is well worth it and leaving it in a pocket keeps them warm. I love them and planning to get at least 2 more pairs. One for my girlfriend and another to use to keep in rotation when working on folks. I do recommend a better way to control the heat as once it is turned off the heat is immediately gone and getting it back takes some time so maybe a different material that retains heat but is still safe for skin contact would be best. Overall 4.5 out of 5. Highly recommend if you are just thinking about keeping your hands warm. And a good way to massage trouble spots along the arm, thigh, and back preferred with a small amount of cloth between then two.

Matteo Bi
Jan 27, 2023

Soluzione 3 in 1

Ogni inverno soffro con le mani fredde, quest’anno ho deciso di comprare uno scaldamani per le mie passeggiate all’aperto e le escursioni in montagna.Su Amazon ci sono tante alternative ma questa mi ha colpito di più, non solo per il design particolare ma per la sua tripla funzionalità che trovo eccezionale! Oltre ad essere uno scaldamani, funge da powerbank, ogni dispositivo infatti dispone di una batteria da 5000 mha per un totale complessivo di 10’000 mha, ricarica iPhone e anche il mio iPad, ho testato entrambe le porte Usb e usb-c e funzionano bene.La particolarità che mi piace è la possibilità di sdoppiarlo, si può condividere una persona, è possibile utilizzare una metà per riscaldarsi mentre l’altra ricarica il telefono, oppure tenere entrambe le mani in tasca ognuna avente un’unità.La ricarica avviene tramite cavo usb c, impiega circa 4 ore a caricarsi completamente ( dipende molto dalla potenza del caricatore) e la durata dipende dal livello di potenza selezionato, si attiva premendo per qualche secondo il pulsante accensione e in pochi attimi si riscalda. Ha 4 livelli di calore, può essere utilizzato come unico dispositivo oppure doppio, il calore che emana è penetrante e la scocca non è fastidiosa da tenere in mano, ogni metà pesa circa 120 grammi, non un peso piuma ma neanche scomodo.Nella scatola sono presenti due cavi per la ricarica e una piccola sacca per il trasporto.Unica nota negativa che ho riscontrato è il portellino in gomma che protegge le porte usb, non aderisce perfettamente lungo i bordi, personalmente avrei optato per una soluzione rigida.Il prezzo non è basso, ma a pensarci bene si porta a casa un dispositivo versatile e multiuso, condivisibile e funzionale.Lo consiglio! Vale i soldi spesi!

Jan 26, 2023

Gut durchdachtes Produkt mit leider fehlerhaften Herstellerangaben.

Gerade im Winter braucht man öfters einen Handwärmer vor allem wenn man mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln unterwegs ist auf die man länger warten muss. Das es gleichzeitig auch als (doppelte) Powerbank dient ist ein schöner Bonus.Leider (oder zum Glück) ist die Maximaltemperatur weit unter den angegebenen.Anbei meine Bewertung:Positiv:+ USB-C Ladeport(s)+ gummi abgedichtete Ladeports+ kommt mit zwei Ladekabel sowie Stoffbeutel+ USB-C Port lässt sich, anders als im Handbuch beschrieben, auch zum aufladen andere Geräte nutzen (siehe Photo)Neutral:- gemessene Temperatur von 39°C-48°C warm auf höchster Stufe (siehe Photo) angegeben sind 40°C-62,7°C- technisch gesehen nur 2*5000 mAH Powerbanks.Negativ:- Wärmespule nur auf den Außenseiten, Innenstück heißt nicht auf (siehe Photo)Trotz der kleinen Mängel kann ich das Gerät problemlos empfehlen. Bei 62,7°C ist die Gefahr einer Verletzung wahrscheinlich gegeben.

Jan 18, 2023

Exceeds Expectations

The sleek design is what initially caught my eye, but it is as much about brawn as beauty. I purchased this primarily to keep my hands warm while walking my dog, as I have Reynaud's syndrome and taking my heated gloves off to pick up after him is kind of cumbersome. Now I can easily put the two halves together and put them in my pocket for a moment rather than dealing with bulky gloves. They also get far warmer than my $200 gloves do, and the charge lasts longer.The only potential downside is the size. I do have rather large hands (wear XL gloves), so it may not be suitable for someone more petite. On the other hand, it works great on sore muscles.I haven't tried using it as a power bank yet.

Joanne Alconis
Jan 06, 2023

It is really warm! I think this is really helpful in Winter🥰

It is very helpful

Nieka W.
Dec 26, 2022


So glad I bought this, it’s amazing! So far I’ve only used the heat settings between 1-3 (because it’s not winter WINTER yet)

Dec 15, 2022

Ottimo scalda mani

Ho preso questo scalda mani perché ho sempre le mani fredde, sopratutto a lavoro. Esteticamente è bello. Come potenza tengo sempre ad 1 o 2. In 3 secondi si sente il leggerissimo calore ma basta aspettare qualche altro secondo e scalda molto. Unica pecca è che si raffreddano velocemente se hai le mani tanto fredde o se là temperatura esterna è bassa.Peccato che la porta usb c non supporti l’uscita ma solo entrata, almeno si poteva ridurre lo sportello in silicone.Consiglio come acquisto.

Vivienne Pryor
Dec 14, 2022

It get really warm

Remember the more red lights that light up the warmer it gets. 2 lights are good.It get really warm

Gene Roberts
Dec 12, 2022

Found a hack for the heat loss from parts of heater directed away from body.

These little heaters are great. They heat for a surprisingly long time and put out a good amount of heat.My only complaint was that they are somewhat inefficient due to heat lost to the environment. Only one side of the heater is really facing your body when in a pocket. The other sides are radiating heat out away from you. You are probably only benefiting from half of the energy being used. So you have to run the heaters at a higher level than you would if most of the heat was being retained.My "hack" was to make a small kit to insulate the outside of the heater and keep the heat directed in towards me when it is in my pocket.I found some small pot holders that have a pocket in one side for your fingers. Other side has been sewn closed to be used for your thumb, but we only need the bigger pocket."Ritz Royale Collection 100% Cotton Terry Cloth Mitz, Dual-Function Pot Holder/Oven Mitt Set, 4-Pack, Black"After starting the heater, slip it into one of the pot holders and flip the insulated side back on itself. So on one side of your heater you only have a thin piece of fabric, and on the other side you have two layers of pot holder insulation. When you put it in a pocket, put the thin side your skin and the double layer of insulation to the outside.This kit works great. the outside is barely warm and it sends a LOT of heat into you. I had to turn it down because it was making me too hot. So you will get more heating time out of a charge while still getting the amount of heating that you want.This did make it slightly more of a pain to carry this all around when the gear wasn't in use. So I added a band that keeps it all neat and tidy. If you put a loop from one of the pot holders through the slot on the strap, it even gives you something to carry it with or clip it to."Trilancer Elastic Cinch Straps with Anti-Slip Strips, 12 "x 2"(8 Pack) Heavy Duty Multipurpose Hook and Loop Straps for Extension Cords, Cables, Ropes, Hoses, Bike, Pant Garters"Two pot holder and the strap add about $13 but make the product MUCH more effective.

Oct 18, 2022

I'm impressed by the versatility & heat provided by this twin hand warmer.

I liked this set because it is a set that can be used as one or two as the name says. I tested them on the lowest heat setting which is very warm after a full charge. They both lasted over 9 hrs. I'm not sure about the rubber cover over charge ports, I don't think it will hold up well if you are not very careful with its use. It does seal well. The magnets are fairly strong. They fit your hands well IMO. They heat up fast tacking a little longer on the magnet side. You get one soft pouch not two so if you have any metal allergies as my son does you may not be able to use it without another pouch.

Oct 16, 2022

Super hot and very practical Winter is around the corner and what is better than having warm hands in cold days outside. Gloves doesn’t really help and keeping hands in the pocket helps a bit but not for long. With these 2 hand warmers you can forget about uncomfortable gloves and enjoy being outside. Christmas market soon, snow and you can use them while you walking outside, during regular walk in park, camping, or maybe you working outside and these can literally save your fingers.Both hand warmers arrived with their own charging cable and 1 pouch to store them when not in use. They are sleek, solid and super practical. Each have 5000mAh build in rechargeable battery on board with option to use it as power bank for your phone. There is only 1 control button to turn them ON/OFF as well change level of heat and check battery level. They snap together with strong magnet 🧲 which is actually cool since you can use it as one warmer or simply to not loose them and keep together.In my case i had it on hottest level and after around 20 minutes it get hot only to 42 celsius. Honestly it was more than enough, felt super hot, too hot to hold for long so needed to drop level to 2. Very powerful and neat hand warmers. Great for price.

Oct 14, 2022

Ganz viele falsche InfosWarum schaffen es Anbieter aus China nicht, einfach ehrlich zu sein?

Da wollte ich ein tolles Gerät kaufen, da die EnSikoMaV (also, dass im Büro nur noch 19°C sind) meine Hände kalt werden lassen und ich so am USB Port meines Rechners zum Wärmen nutzen wollte. Ok, dass wird klappen... aberHier wird mit 145°F, was 63°C sind, geworben. Ab 43 ° C fangen die Eiweißanteile in den Körperzellen an zu gerinnen, d. h., ab dieser Temperatur sterben die Zellen ab. Andere Quellen sprechen von 52° C, ab der die Haut geschädigt wird. Egal welcher wissenschaftlichen Quelle man nun glaubt... 50°C heisses Wasser fasst keiner an. Das würde bedeuten, man kann sich an diesem Gerät schlimmste Verbrennungen holen.Stimmt aber nicht. Aus voller Stufe kommt mein Gerät auf 41°C an einigen Stellen. Die meisten um die 38°C.Zum Aufladen muss man Zeit mitbringen. Unter einem Ampere Ladestrom, weil die Geräte kein Power Delivery können und so nur 4,5W auf einem normalen USB Port erlaubt sind.Enthalten wird mit 2A geworben. Liefern aber nur 1,66A, also 17% geringer.Aber das wirklich schlimmste ist der Ort, wo der USB-C Eingang sitzt. Soweit am Rand, dass der Rahmen des Gehäuses stört beim Einstecken. Und normale USB-C Stecker nicht nutzbar sind. Habe Netzteile von Dell, Asus und andere Kabel getestet. Die wenigsten sind lang genug.Fazit: Machen was sie sollen und eine schöne (ausreichende) wärme. Man bekommt 2 Stück. Kann also im Büro einen Laden und einen nutzen. Oder halt für beide Hände nehmen.Machen aber nicht, was versprochen wird.