PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve
PlantarEase™ Sleeve

PlantarEase™ Sleeve

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Best sleeve for PlantarEase, sprains, achilles tendonitis,
flat foot and more.
✔Made for a comfy fit
✔Protection & support
✔Medical grade orthopedic support
✔Machine washable
✔Versatile usage
✔Instant plantar fasciitis pain relief


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Unveiling the Joy of Movement: Our Customers Speak!

  • Game-Changer for My Aching Feet!

    Working as a nurse, I was constantly battling unbearable foot pain, until PlantarEase became my saving grace. The sleeve slips snugly under my shoes, offering targeted support that diminishes my discomfort. Now, I can walk with ease, dedicating my full attention to caring for my patients. For those who know the struggle of foot pain, PlantarEase is a game changer."

    -Andy B

  • Regained My Active Lifestyle.

    Being a hiker, plantar fasciitis threatened to curb my passion. But with PlantarEase, things have turned around. This sleeve tucks

    perfectly into my boots and its unparalleled support brings immediate relief. I've regained my trails and pace, thanks to PlantarEase. It's an absolute essential for those leading an active life and battling plantar fasciitis."

    -Kev T.

  • PlantarEase, The Foot's Best Friend!

    As an early riser, I dreaded the first step each morning due to plantar fasciitis. The PlantarEase sleeve, with its lightweight and soothing design, has made all the difference. It has not only eased my heel discomfort but also restored my foot's flexibility. Now, mornings are a delight, not a pain. PlantarEase has transformed my first step of the day into a refreshing experience."

    -Ashley L.

PlantEase Fasciitis Relief SleeveDesigned in a way that:

  • Relieve foot pains instantly

    By heating up and compressing your joint fluids. Helps you move freely and reduces foot pain and heel fatigue.

  • Prevent severe plantar fasciitis pain & foot injuries

    By providing external support to limit harmful motions

    during sports & activities. This plantar fasciitis compression sleeve also prevents overstretching and muscle cramping.

  • Heal your plantar fasciitis at a faster pace

    By improving blood circulation and preventing the accumulation of lymphatic fluid, speeding up the healing process; this compression sleeve for plantar fasciitis

    lessens the amount of time spent in slow and painful recovery.

  • Improve strength & endurance

    By limiting lactic acid build-up, this compression sleeve for plantar fasciitis eliminates fatigue and allow you to push your body beyond its limits with zero miseries.

Effective for:

✔ Plantar Fasciitis






✔Achilles Tendonitis


✔Flat Foot


Proven by over 1M+ clinical studies

Sometimes the physical stress of our daily activities and sports manifests itself in the form of foot pain, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis. That's because our feet are used to carry our entire body weight and keep us moving throughout the day.

PlantarEase offers the best plantar fasciitis sleeve as trusted by tens of thousands of customers across the globe. Engineered with the highest level of orthopedic support, PlantarEase Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve is designed to provide targeted compression that stimulates blood flow, which in turn, leads to reduced swelling, maximal oxygen delivery to muscles, and faster recovery times.

The net gain? No pain. No cramps. No fatigue.

Learn more about the science behind compression here.

So, don't be afraid to hit those extra reps, get out of your comfort zone and experience the power of PlantarEase Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve! Get yours today and experience relief like never before.


How to wear plantar fasciitis compression sleeve?

1. Put on the PlantarEase Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve as shown in the illustration.

2. Hold both straps up.

3. Cross both straps around your ankle and the top of your foot.

4. Bring the straps towards the back of your foot.

5. Cross both straps around the back of your foot.

6. Bring the straps towards the front, and stick both straps onto each other.

Is plantar fasciitis sleeve suitable for all ages?

Yes, PlantarEase is designed for all ages! Plantar fasciitis is a condition that affects both sedentary and athletes across all age groups. Whether you're an athlete looking for ankle support, a mom suffering from plantar fasciitis, or an elderly person with achilles tendonitis, our plantar fasciitis compression sleeve can provide the relief you need.

Can I wear my plantar fasciitis relief sleeve under socks and shoes?

Yes! PlantEase offers ultra lightweight, supremely breathable and flexible fabric that can easily fit underneath socks and shoes. There is no need for special shoes or insoles when wearing our plantar fasciitis relief sleeve.

Can I wear my plantar fasciitis sleeve on both feet?

Yes, the PlantEase Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve is interchangeable between your right and left foot. However, we recommended wearing a plantar fasciitis sleeve only on the foot that requires treatment. PlantEase takes into account the shape of your left and right foot, so each sleeve is designed to fit comfortably on both feet!

How do I wash my plantar fasciitis relief sleeve?

• Machine or hand wash cold

• Mild detergent

• Tumble dry low

• Do not bleach

• Do not iron

• Do not use softeners

• Do not dry clean

Do sleeves work for plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis sleeves are designed to help reduce inflammation and relieve

pain in the feet, particularly in conditions like plantar fasciitis. In addition to plantar fasciitis, compression foot sleeves can also be useful for reducing foot swelling caused by other conditions such as edema.

How long should I wear plantar fasciitis sleeve?

We recommend wearing the plantar fasciitis sleeve during the periods when you are most active, as it is designed to offer consistent compression, promoting blood flow and providing micro-massaging effects to the plantar fascia. This can effectively reduce pain. However, many individuals also find substantial relief when wearing it throughout the day or even around the clock. Notably, if the sleeve is worn during the night, it has been shown to mitigate the morning pain commonly associated with plantar fasciitis. Tailoring the usage to when you experience the most discomfort can optimize its therapeutic benefits

Can I wear compression foot sleeves all day?

PlantarEase Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve primarily serves to provide relief and support during activity and inactivity.

Don't worry - PlantarEase Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve is incredibly lightweight and breathable, making it the perfect nighttime companion for those suffering from plantar fasciitis and foot pain.

What is the 30 days trial?

At PlantarEase, we're confident in the quality of our products. If you're not 100% satisfied with your plantar fasciitis sleeves, return them hassle-free within 30 days. No return or shipping fees. Just contact our support team - your peace of mind is our top priority.

All orders will be dispatched from our warehouse within 1 business day.

For customers within the United States, your order should arrive between 1-5 business days.

For international customers, your order should arrive between 5-15 business days, depending on location.

Is PlantarEase available in stores?

PlantarEase is only available online.

While we're based online rather than in a retail store, we offer a 30-day trial to

allow you plenty of time to try your plantar fasciitis sleeve at home.

Customer reviews

11 Reviews
Bernadette L.

Best customer service!

Romeo C.

it really helps alot

Lara C.

So far the stocking has made my foot feel better. I will continue to use daily. Thank you

John B.

I've spent hundreds of dollars on everything that was suppose to heal and make my plantar facitis better. Years of pain gone within minutes for wearing them for the first time. I regret not buying them sooner🙂. I was skeptical at first, but it works for sure. I would recommend this product to all my friends and family.

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Marzieh P.

my pain foot is less

Gerard D.

helps supports mu ankle and helps with my foot pain.

Beverley R.

I have planter fasciitis in both my feet, I suffer with severe pain, I could barely stand up, cruising through Facebook one day I saw the add for koprez foot sleeve, I purchased two, now I can walk without excruciating pain they are fantastic.

Patrice P.

I was a little skeptical on this. However, I am pleased that I made the purchase. Thank you

Julie N.

It’s amazing! I’ve been living in debilitating pain for the last 6 months with Plantar Fasciitis and since using the PlantarEase it has eased so much pain in my foot! Such a relief and I will continue to wear it all day, everyday to feel that pain relief! Thank you so much! 🙏🏾

Rachael T.

After wearing for a week I have started to notice the pain less in my foot and it doesn’t hurt to walk on it.

Frank P.

Just started using these sleeves

They hug my feet nicely so I don’t need to really strap my feet very tight

I can walk a good mile with no pain and hopefully as I continue to wear them- they’ll continue to improve my plantar fasciitis