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Inspired by the Japanese Minimalist design, the PilePlay  Blocks are thoughtfully crafted to stimulate Creative Thinking and Open-Ended Play.

A Different Take On Play, Education and Décor?

Our classy and aesthetic blocks captivate the minds of both adults and children alike.

Engage you or your child with a challenging fun like no other - a colourful test of your cognitive and visual-spatial intelligence, patience as well as hand-eye coordination.

Picture Perfect In Any Setting

Wooden Blocks Montessori toys by Himiku - wooden toys for kids

Instead of putting them away, put your beautiful stacks up on display and show them off!

 Crafted With Love

Our PilePlay™ Blocks are unique and no two blocks are identical. Each individual block is handcrafted using sustainably sourced Beech and Pine Wood.  Our Multi-Coloured blocks are delicately painted using beautiful coats of Non-Toxic Water Based Paint 

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"The PilePlay Blocks help to instill patience & creativity in my child!"

Develop children's cognitive & lateral thinking

Improve Visual-Spatial Intelligence

Improve Memory & Mental Clarity

90% of Brain Growth happens from birth to age 5.

Don't miss out on this limited time window of opportunity!

Strong Cognitive abilities set your child up to be the Rock Star of his life!

Customer reviews

13 Reviews
Marcie B.

We love these blocks! They are solid, so beautiful, and my kiddos enjoy building towers and kingdoms with them. Superb quality!

Jacqueline A.

We love open ended toys. These blocks can be played in so many different ways, not just stacking. The colours are beautiful and the quality is great. We ordered them from the UK and I also have to mention the superb customer service all along the way.

Highly recommended!


Our order arrived today. The blocks are really cool, great quality, nice colors. I have a 3 year old and 7 year old, and they both enjoyed playing with the blocks. The only reason I knocked off a star was that I ordered the 36 piece set, and it was short a couple blocks upon opening.

Stacy G.

I am a preschool teacher and I brought these to my class the other day. The kids really had fun playing with these. These are great for sorting by color and size. Highly recommended!

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Hannah E.

My 6 year old enjoys playing with these blocks a lot. He builds a new stack every day. It's also fun for the family. We take turns trying to build the most innovative building and longest standing. We really love these. Thank you so much!

Terri M.

I bought these for my therapy office for clients to play with and I am amazed at the quality and beauty. I will buy another set and recommend these to my friends as well. Thank you so much!

Andrea A.

These blocks have a nice sensory factor, as well as the challenge of stacking the unusual shapes. As an adult, playing with blocks might seem childish but I find it fun and relaxing. They are very addictive and a perfect gift for one who loves puzzles.

Tina L.

Both my husband and my son can spend hours playing with this, and I love how it develops different senses and teaches shapes, numbers, and colors at the same time! I highly recommend it.

Calvin O.

I love the quality and rustic look of my blocks. It's a bit of a challenge trying to build something but I still enjoy it.

Carol H.

This is such a cool product. It's challenging yet loads of fun!

Emmy N.

I bought these for my kids ages 7 and 9. They really love it! It helps with matching, critical thinking, concentration and what not! :)

Natalie P.

I love these blocks I think they are great for adults and kids. I ordered a 16 pack volcanic set but to be honest 16 is not enough to get the full benefit of play. These blocks are expensive but very good quality . I can’t really justify spending £60 for 2 sets but I would like a 36 pack . Wish I knew before I ordered .


The blocks are great my daughter and son both love them, they have been stacking them and then knocking the tower down, throwing them, counting them, chewing them, putting them in an dout the bag lots of open ended play and creative thinking. Even my partner has had a go with them and really gets into the game. These are great for fine and gross motor skills and lots of imaginative play. Really glad i discovered these as these blocks are keeping the kids entertained.