LitterBuddy™ - Mess Free Litter Mat
LitterBuddy™ - Mess Free Litter Mat
LitterBuddy™ - Mess Free Litter Mat
LitterBuddy™ - Mess Free Litter Mat
LitterBuddy™ - Mess Free Litter Mat
LitterBuddy™ - Mess Free Litter Mat
LitterBuddy™ - Mess Free Litter Mat
LitterBuddy™ - Mess Free Litter Mat
LitterBuddy™ - Mess Free Litter Mat
LitterBuddy™ - Mess Free Litter Mat
LitterBuddy™ - Mess Free Litter Mat
LitterBuddy™ - Mess Free Litter Mat

LitterBuddy™ - Mess Free Litter Mat

Save $32.00
Works with all kinds litter
100% pet friendly
Easy Clean
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Stop litter trailing through the house

Using a LitterBuddy, double layer design. Our litter mat stops the litter stuck in your cat's paws from reaching other rooms. All while helping you clean less & recycle more.

Less Mess

Large enough to cover the litter box area. The mat makes litter disappear by trapping it

before it reaches the clean floor. Pick up the mat & the litter falls through. Now just put it back in the cat litter box for reuse.


Save 30% on litter

Our mat allows you to recycle trailed unused litter back

into the litter box, saving you up to 30% on the cost of litter.

Water-proof & easy toclean

Our mat has a water-proof non-slip bottom layer that helps protect your hardwood floors and carpets from accidental misses. It can

easily be rinsed off with water. Or wiped clean.

Veterinarian approved

Our LitterBuddy mat is made from lightweight and durable environmentally friendly EVA material. It's soft and comfortable on your kitties paws. Odorless and free from toxins. It's 100% safe and can be used with confidence.

We've helped 61,541 messy cat owners


Is this worth getting for pellet litter?

Yep! We have tried to accommodate all sorts of litter & it works great with pellet litter

How safe is this really?

Super safe. Our mat is 100% free from any harmful toxins. It's extra soft and won't harm any paws. Guaranteed.

Does stay in place on wooden floors?

Absolutely! The material on the bottom side of the mat is anti slip to stop your cat from sliding or moving it out of place.

What about shipping and delivery?

Our fulfillment partner fulfills orders within 1-3 business days (Mon-Fri), a timeline which does not include weekends or holidays. Please remember the responsibility of your order is of that of the shipping carrier. Once fulfilled you will receive a tracking number in an email which can be used on our website Our delivery times for all orders to the U.S are 4-13 working days. Please allow for an extra few days in case of a delay due to COVID-19 Other delivery times are as follow-U.K (7-13 working days) Australia (6- 15) Canada (10-15)

Customer reviews

12 Reviews
Marcos S

It picks up the sand very well and also has a velcro closure so that the one that has already fallen inside does not come out. Some grains of sand bounce off the carpet and go to the ground but a good part goes in. I recommend it, there will still be sand on the ground but less than before.


I will say this is a great product that ive notice has been helping a lot with my cat. Ive tried many other mats that help catches the litter but it either ends up getting stuck in the mat or is easily brushed out when my cat goes in and out. I will say it has been catching all the litter from the box and has been helping keep my floors litter free and its so easy to use. I would highly recommend this if you have a messy cat and I will buying another one soon.


Before I bought this mat I had to sweep up the cats litter mess twice a day. Since I set it under the cat box I haven't had to sweep any litter because it catches all of it. It truly is a great mat. Not the prettiest, but doesn't look bad. Thanks for such a great product.

Debbie Mills

I bought this mat after watching a Youtube video on someone who travels in an RV with their cats. They swore by this mat to keep from tracking cat little all over their little van camper. We bought one for the house and wow what a game changer. No more litter all over the floor. 98% of the cat litter gets caught in the little honeycombs and can be dumped back into the cat box. We also bought one for our RV which we have not tried yet, but I already know that it will be a blessing not to be stepping in cat litter in the RV. I love this mat and only wish I would have found it sooner.

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This is the BEST Cat Litter Mat I have ever used. My cats use a large cat litter box. The MAT is just under the litter box and any cat litter or messes the cats make is contained in the MAT. The MAT opens at the end and is very easy to empty. As well it is simple to clean. AGAIN, this is the best MAT ever. 5 out of 5 stars.

Brandon. H

It traps far more than I imagined it could, and I continue to be surprised by how well it meets the less-litter everywhere goal. The mat grabs the biggest or smallest bits of litter. Love that!

Holly Kampbell

nothing is perfect, it doesn’t trap all litter but it gets the vast majority and with 3 cats it definitely helps

Eddie B

I bought the largest size and it works great. Very easy to get litter out of and does not bother the cats at all. I like it so much I have bought 5 in total, some Grey, some black because i forgot what color i had lol. I keep 2 next to each other for 2 litter boxes because of how I have them but I just vacuum under them, where the seam is as the pad doesn't leak, when I feel it needs it or am cleaning anyway. Will buy more if I put more litter boxes down. One is fine if only one way out of the litter box.


It's perfect for trapping cat litter or food that falls off .. My cat is very messy she tends to run in & out & doesn't like the closed off litter boxes so this helps with the constant litter & easy to clean & wash !

Rachel. G

Before I bought this mad my cats track litter everywhere and I had one that I had bought at a major pet store this one made all the difference their paws come out clean and it's less mess for me to clean up love it

Alexander Gray

This product works great! I hated walking into the bathroom with the litter digging into my feet. This mat got rid of that. It is also comfortable to stand on if you have it in front of bathroom mirror. I am going to cover entire bathroom with these mats.

Alexis. G

My cats were tracking litter EVERYWHERE and I was losing my mind having to vacuum every day to not walk through litter on the ground. Immediately, this mat catches everything they bring out of the box with them and I can vacuum on a normal schedule and not tear my hair out.