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Step into a world of exhilarating wonder with our astounding FLYORB! Brace yourself for an adventure that defies gravity and ignites the night with an explosion of colour and excitement, revolutionizing the way you play!

Imagine this :  a sleek and aerodynamic marvel that effortlessly takes flight, cutting through the air with unparalleled grace and agility. Its lightweight build ensures thrilling, extended flights, making it the ultimate companion for outdoor escapades and spontaneous fun.


Step into a world of exhilarating wonder with our astounding FLYORB! Brace yourself for an adventure that defies gravity and ignites the night with an explosion of colour and excitement, revolutionizing the way you play!

But here's where the real magic happens - behold the radiant LED light show! Watch in awe as the sky comes alive with a mesmerizing array of vibrant colours. Every throw becomes an extraordinary spectacle, enchanting bystanders and transforming any playtime into a mesmerizing light ballet!

This isn't just a ball; it's a catalyst for thrills and joy! Perfect for impromptu games with friends or honing your skills in solo play. Whether you're chasing it under the stars or showcasing your tricks in the daylight, the FLYORB turns every moment into an exhilarating experience.

Crafted with cutting-edge technology and designed for heart-pounding action, our FLYORB isn't just a toy - it's an immersive adventure. It's the perfect gift for those seeking a rush of excitement and an extraordinary playtime beyond imagination!

Prepare for take-off and let your imagination soar with the breath-taking excitement of our FLYORB! Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of fun and wonder!

Customer reviews

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marie anne.

I bought 3 colors of this ball. It’s a fantastic toy. It’s basically a high speed motor with two propellers that propel this gizmo in different directions. It won’t fly straight most of the time unless you are careful to get the angle just right and that’s part of the fun.It does require a little bit of chasing on occasion. It’s safe indoors. These colorful balls gave my family members fun and giggles even though we have no idea how to make it work and it was flying and bouncing all over the place. It’s not a simple silly toy. There are some tricks that need to take some time to practice. My family and I like it!

Itti Kapoor

I was so excited to get this for my is actually very powerful and great quality but not so kid doesn’t go along with hand movements so kids cannot control it easy..


The ball swing is very powerful. It is great for older kids as which can fly fast and strong. Fun toy overall


My daughter loves it so much. She has so much fun with it. It’s easy to play!

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cherif el ouarti

I bought little toy as a gift for my niece. I can't speak on how it works or battery life, etc. What I can say is that it is super CUTE, vibrant colors, and obviously a pretty good value for the item. I know that he will love it and he's gonna have fun.So far so good 👍

Haley Fox Blog

I got this for my son and he is absolutely in love with it. It works as a mini drone and actually floats which is so cool. The battery life is pretty great, and it’s rechargeable. The cage is quite sturdy as well. It makes a great gift. I highly recommend this, especially for such a great price.


These flying orbs are pretty fun. It’s encased in a plastic mesh frame and keeps the spinning protected. It seems pretty duration as it crash several times without any issues. Be sure to read the instructions since it’ll tell you how to turn it off. You can turn on by pushing the button, but that switch is inside and will now be spinning really fast. To turn off, you have to do a hard swing downward to stop it. Took me a few times to get the right motion. The orb flys pretty well. There’s stickers where you can add to the frame to create fins. This will help stabilize it further. I was playing catch with my daughter and it was fun floating it back and forth.


I bought two of these for my nephews for Christmas. Before wrapping my husband and I had to charge them and try them out! Granted it took the adults a bit longer get the throwing technique down than the 12 & 14 year olds. These are so fun!! I plan on buying one for me and my husband!The battery life lasts for about 12-15 minutes.. wish that was longer but they charge pretty quick..


battery life is long, it can take a hit bring it is surrounded in orb casing, anyone really can use this product… kids and adults for sure!

N Martinez

I bought this as a Christmas gift but had to test it out first! So fun and once you get the hang of it, it's fun to watch everyone's face while it boomerangs. It' has different colorful lights while spinning and pretty durable. The battery life is long enough to keep my 16 & 18 yr olds attention span. It's definitely a great buy.


It's really fun and entertaining I love it!


This item arrived in a timely manner. Very well packed, durable toy. Instructions were a little dicey but easy enough to understand. Once charged this little orb battery lasts quite a while. Motor makes a little noise but nothing too loud. Definitely would purchase again. Will make a great gift!


Cool toy that kept my nieces entertained. Very fun to play with and easy to use. Shipping was extremely FAST. Thanks! A+


This is a cool little gadget to play with. Keeps you entertained for hours especially kids. Would buy again.

Otis Jackson

I bought one for my 8 year old and he loves it!!Great for outdoor fun! You can toss it back and fourth and or have it do a boomerang.


It was awesome the kids loved it

Christy Bramlett

Takes a little practice. But super fun when you get the hang of it.

Jialiang Li

This fly orb is a blast! Controlling this mini drone feels like pure magic, with its hand-controlled boomerang spinner creating an awesome cosmic spectacle. It's not just a toy; it's an exhilarating experience that brings joy to both kids and adults alike.