ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids
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ClearTone™_B Rechargable Hearing Aids

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✅FDA-registered OTC Hearing Aids.

✅Rechargeable. No batteries needed.

✅Discreet, Nearly Invisible Design

✅Rechargeable - 48 Hour Battery Life

✅No Tests or Prescriptions Required.

✅All-Day Comfort with Healthin Comfort Tips

✅Adjustable Volume with one Button.

✅Hear Better or Your Money Back!

✅FREE Lifetime Support.

✅Extended 90 Day Risk-Free Trial, Today Only

✅Experience Crystal Clear Hearing with Our Award-Winning PURE Technology.

  • 20K+ Happy Customers

  • Risk-free trial & free shipping

  • 2 Free Ultra Shock Case

PRICE DROP! Our Lowest Prices EVER - 80% OFF - If You Purchase Today!Normally $997 only $197, when you purchase today.Why Choose Healthin Earwise?

  • Why Choose ClearTone?

    • As a close-knit, family-run company based in USA, we prioritize your satisfaction and value our relationship with every customer.

    • Our customer service team is exceptionally understanding and supportive, ready to assist you via email at

    • We assure you of the most crystal-clear sound and durable rechargeable batteries, with a full refund option if you're not satisfied.

    • Each purchase includes a comprehensive manual and access to a range of instructional videos for ease of use.

    • The audio clarity of our hearing aids is unparalleled thanks to our developed PURE Technology, with 96% of our customers agreeing it's the finest they've experienced.

    • Our hearing aids' batteries (INDUSTRY LEADER) offer up to 48 hours of usage with just a 4-hour charge, perfect for overnight, or any quick charging.

Why Today?

Our Lowest Prices EVER - 80% OFF Today!

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FREE BONUS #3 365-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee + FREE Warranty!
  • Normally we have 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Today we are extending that to 365 Days!

    Try our rechargeable hearing aids for an entire year (365 days) and if you're not fully satisfied with their crystal clear audio, comfy fit, adjustable listening modes and 48 hour battery life, we'll completely refund you - guaranteed. In fact, if you're unsatisfied with anything at all within the first 365 days, contact us and we'll send you every single penny back right away - no questions asked & no hassle. On top of our 365-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee we include a FREE Warranty on all your orders.

    Even though our hearing aids are made to last for years, there's always a chance they'll get damaged. Our warranty covers all kinds of damage, including: damage from sitting, standing or dropping, water damage, & more!

"Better Than $5000 Hearing Aids!"

After my expensive $5000 hearing aids broke, I decided to test these out, and I'm genuinely glad I did. To my amazement, these offer even better sound quality than my previous ones, all thanks to Healthin Earwise! My wife gave them a try and became a fan too. I've recently acquired a second pair with big discount. A big thank you for this. - James T

Take Back Your Hearing!

It takes the average person nearly 7 years before they take action on their hearing loss. During that time the ability to understand is diminished. No wonder hearing loss is often mistaken for dementia in older people!

Take action now!

Our EarWise Recharge Hearing Aid is nearly invisible and costs up to 85% less than traditional hearing aids.

Discreet, Extra Comfortable & Can Be Worn With Glasses

Despites our hearing aids use a BTE (behind-the-ear) design, they're surprsingly discreet!

Additionally, they offer outstanding comfort, avoiding any skin irritation or interference with your glasses. The ear-tips/domes are crafted from exceptionally soft silicone, ensuring they're gentle and comfortable, even for the most sensitive skin.

Will it Fit?

Regarding fit, your order includes 4 sizes of conforming ear-tips/domes to ensure a flawless fit, all day comfort, like 97% of customers had.

Extremely Easy To Use

Take the hearing aids out of the charging case and pop them in your ears. Use the simple push button to turn them on and adjust the volume. That's it! Easy to charge, easy to use - every day.

The On/Off and listening mode switch, conveniently located at the back of each hearing aid, is designed with an ergonomic shape for easy access.

On the top of each device, there's an accessible dial for adjusting your hearing support level. This can be swiftly altered up to 80 dB in mere seconds by simply sliding your finger across it, how easy!

Adjustable, Crystal Clear Hearing Support

Our Cleartone Rechargable Hearing Aids have crisp, clear sound quality without hissing, whistling, or squealing.

Wind noise is hardly noticeable thanks to our advanced background noise cancellation technology with PURE.

These hearing aids are also fully adjustable, offering up to 80 dB of hearing support, catering to needs from mild to moderate-severe hearing loss.

For added versatility, our devices feature two modes - "H" for louder environments (like group conversations) and "L" for quieter settings (such as one-on-one chats or TV watching).

Both modes enhance clarity, making voices and sounds distinctly clear.

If you don't have a prescription or hearing test, that's fine!

Simply start at the lowest setting and slowly adjust the amount of hearing support until you're able to hear normally again, the best part is you can adjust based on the enviorenment you are in by yourself.

Rechargable With 48 Hours Of Battery Life

Our hearing aids boast industry-leading, 48 hours rechargeable technology!

Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of constantly replacing batteries. With just a single 4-hour charge (ideal for overnight charging), you'll enjoy 48 hours of continuous, crystal-clear hearing support. Charging your hearing aids is a breeze; simply connect them to a power source using the two provided charging cables. This innovative feature is unmatched in the market, ensuring you're equipped with the most advanced hearing aid technology available.

You have the flexibility to recharge your hearing aids with any power source – be it a wall outlet, a portable charger, or even your computer, among others. This versatility ensures that you can power up your device wherever you are.

Plus, every order includes two charging cables for your convenience!

What's in it?

Your newly acquired hearing aids come with crystal-clear audio, a comfortable fit, adjustable listening modes, an impressive 48 hours of rechargeable battery life, and customizable hearing support up to 80 dB (without the need for a prescription or hearing test).

Included are FREE two ultra-durable, shock-proof cases (one for each hearing aid), ensuring maximum protection.

The package also contains a comprehensive and detailed user manual that covers everything you need to know about your new hearing aids, including proper setup & care, achieving the perfect in-ear fit, and tailoring the hearing support to your specific needs.

For added comfort and discretion, there are four different sizes of ultra-soft ear domes. The set is completed with two cleaning brushes and two charging cables, making maintenance and charging straightforward and hassle-free.

Buying Direct From The Healthin Saves You Thousands! We Cut Out The Middle-Men To Save You Money

Proper hearing shouldn't break the bank. Especially considering how affordable hearing aids can be without the use of middlemen. Which is why we supply hearing aids directly from our factory to you. It keeps our costs down while keeping our quality high, letting us pass the savings onto you!

Hear Clearly Everywhere You Go

Our hearing aids help you hear clearly in all situations, without any feedback (whistling, squealing, etc.)

One-On-One Conversations

You'll be able to carry conversations without having to strain or constantly ask the other person to repeat themselves. Muffled voices will become crystal clear.

Watching TV

You'll be able to lower the volume by at least half and even say goodbye to subtitles for good! Music, voices & more will sound clear without any feedback.

Group Conversations

Even with multiple voices & tones, our adjustable listening modes make sure you'll be able to enjoy crystal clear conversations with your friends & family.

On The Phone

Even digital voices and sounds such as phone calls will be easy for you to understand & hear clearly.

Backed by Professionals

The best hearing technology at the best price is only the begining with Cleartone.

Our team of hearing professionals will make sure you get the most out of your hearing aids.

Customer reviews

12 Reviews

It works, battery lasts almost 2 days or even more if i dont use them. But anyway i charge them because easy to charge it


im happy so far


I liked the way it fit, totally discreet on me! and it is pretty much so comfortable for me. Previpus one were I had was the bte as well but that one was so heavy.Earwise is so light nothing bothering me


I've invested in high-end hearing aids before, but the Cleartone have genuinely surprised me. These affordable gems offer remarkable sound quality and comfort. Don't hesitate to try them – they've exceeded my expectations.

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I've walked a long path with hearing loss, and these Cleartone are the brightest spot on that journey. In the past, I've tried hearing aids costing a small fortune, $4,000, and $5,000, to be exact. These affordable hearing aids, however, have surpassed all my expectations. They've given me back the sounds of life, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in a similar situation. You won't be disappointed!


I'm truly impressed with ClearTone. Their discreet design makes them nearly invisible, and I can engage in conversations without any self-consciousness.


Everything is great except they are a little too big behind my ear. I am thinking about ordering the new mini cic ones that are out now, from them also. So i can switch between. They look smaller. My Cleartone ones work great also and a bit big but do not effect my glasses. Thank you for a good product and service.

S L.

The truth really cool working אחלה who שחשב it without lotus seller really good


This isn't just a review; it's my personal story. I've battled hearing loss for years and spent a considerable sum on various hearing aids, including some costing $4,000 and $5,000. ClearTone have been my saviors. Their affordability and superior performance are a breath of fresh air. These hearing aids have reconnected me with the world, and I can't thank the makers enough.


As someone who's been on a hearing aid journey for years, I can't overstate how wonderful the ClearTone are. I've had my share of expensive aids, and these affordable gems have truly outshone them. They've made a significant impact on my daily life, helping me hear clearly again. I highly recommend these aids to anyone who's struggled with hearing loss like I have.


Being tried


I'm truly impressed with ClearTone. Their discreet design makes them nearly invisible, and I can engage in conversations without any self-consciousness.