ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer
ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer

ButterTangle™ The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.6/5
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Glides through hair like a knife through butter. No more tears. No more tantrums. Just happy hair.

Detangle long, thick hair in minutes
Works on any hair type, wet or dry
Save time and tears
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"Absolute game changer!" 

Nicole C.

ButterTangle™ Customer

😊 100% no-risk money back guarantee

If you're not happy, we're not happy. If you feel like the butter brush isn't right for you reach out to our support team for a quick, no hassle refund.


Does This Look Familiar?

we're here to help 😇

The morning tug of wars, the screams, the tears, the tantrums, like any mother, seeing my little girl in pain used to break my heart.

That's why we created the butter brush so you can put an end to brushing drama FOREVER, and strengthen your mother daughter bond one brush stroke at a time.

Say "Hello 👋" To Stress-Free Mornings

no more tears, no more tantrums 😁

Turn Tears Into Smiles With Pain-Free Brushing

Put an end to morning tug of wars. The ButterTangle brush combines boar bristles with nylon pins to remove knots, tame tangles, and massage the scalp.

Tackle Any Hair Type(Wet or Dry)

Whether it's curly, wavy, straight, thick, thin, short, long, wet, or dry with the ButterTangle brush you'll be able to win the war on hair while protecting even the most sensitive of heads.

No More Tantrums Make Brush Time, Fun Time!

Ditch your old boring brush and make things fun. With 4 enticing colors to choose from don't be surprised if you find your kids wanting to brush they're own hair.

Why Choose ButterTangle?

better by design 😉️️

See The Results

Before & After Transformations 🙃️️

What Our Customers Think

100% kid and mom approved 🥳️️️

32 Reviews
Leanne L.

Best hairbrush I have ever purchased love it so much for my granddaughter I am going to buy myself one.

Susan B.

Great brush, my daughter actually lets me brush her hair now. I want to get one for myself!!

Jacinta D.

This has been a game changer for my daughters crazy long hair. Happily lets me brush it now. No more tears. Can’t thank you enough. Just ordered one for my niece.

Sharryn M.

These brushes are amazing. No more tears. I have bought three now they are soo good.

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Fleur G.

Both my daughter, myself and by BALD husband LOVE THIS BRUSH!!

It not only has improved independent grooming habits of my kids but hubby and I are really enjoying it as an evening destim session - he doesn’t even have hair!!


Charlotte E.

I ordered the hair brush for my daughter as brushing her hair is a huge struggle everyday. This hairbrush is amazing. There are no struggles anymore. She lets me brush her hair. It’s a dream through wet hair! She has curly hair and even with dry hair it is still easy to do! I recommend this product.

Kerrie F.

I purchased this brush for my niece as hair brushing had always been a stressful time with plenty of tears. First use & she described it as amazing & no more tears!!!

Danielle R.

My work friend recommended this brush as his daughter's use them. The best brush for someone with knotty hair all the time. Especially when getting out of the shower it's fantastic to use straight away without hurting my head. Will be buying a couple more for other young girls I know.

Katherine D.

So nice and soft my daughter doesn’t even move now when I brush her hair.

Louise B.

I nearly didn’t buy this brush I am so often let down by products even with great reviews but this is actually life changing. My daughters hair is wild. It’s as long as her back and curly. We spend our days in the ocean and our pool and well, you can imagine. I used to have to set aside time to brush her hair. Now we just brush it on the run. She even says she loves the way it feels when I brush her hair. Having tried it myself I get it, it’s a scalp massage! Super impressed thank you and I’m buying another for the car. Btw these photos were taken literally 3 minutes apart! 😊

Amanda J.

When I saw all of the reviews about how good this brush is, I thought to myself "how can so many people love a brush so much?" Now I know!!! It's the best brush I've ever used. It even makes a good pretend microphone 😂

Chayanna H.

I love the way it feels...Its qiuker to brush my hair...It does my sides in one brush...Gets the nots out eayier as well...

Linda G.

We call this "The Magic Brush!" My 3 year old granddaughter was becoming almost hysterical when anyone tried to brush her long hair. I bought this Brush, hoping against hope that it would help her and her parents. And it did!! I can't explain how it works, but it does.

It just goes through her freshly washed tangled hair with ease. No horrible pulling what so ever. And even better, no more screams of pain.

It is so good, I bought one for my other, grown up granddaughter with long hair, my sister's granddaughter and for other family members as well.

And even I now have one. Even though my hair is short, I wash it every day and it gets very tangly. I can now brush through the knots without losing what seemed to be masses of my very fine hair.

I can honestly recommend this hairbrush to all.

Everyone I bought it for loves it!! Most importantly, that includes my granddaughter!

Eden L.

My 8yo has long, thick hair. The daily brushing (and crying when I hit a knot or tangle) was a chore that we both dreaded. This brush is a miracle! It glides painlessly through the hair, leaving it smooth, shiny and knot-free.

Belinda R.

A work colleague highly recommended I check out these brushes. I could not be happier after purchasing one for my 5yo daughter who has very long hair. What was a stressful part of the day I’m doing her hair is now a breeze! This brush gets all the knots out with ease as well as leaving a neat finish.

Andrea L.

Amazing hairbrush, will purchase another one for myself!!

Caitlin W.

Absolutely LOVE this hairbrush! No more tantrums, tears or fighting to brush her hair. Time saver and life saver! 10/10

Kara H.

The picture shows my daughter’s hair combed on one side. Her head is super sensitive! She never lets me brush her hair. I’ve gone through so many different brushes but I finally found one that works! It was recommended to me and I was desperate enough that I orderd. I would do it again.

Debbie C.

Love how quickly the hair gets untangle as the brush goes through the hair

Kiersten A.

No more screaming when brushing our granddaughter , Tully’s hair. Absolutely amazing 👏. Love it 🥰

Katrina O.

Being in bed for health reasons my hair would get unbearably knitted and bar a really short hair cut this brush was my last resort. It's the best. Would recommend it to anyone. Brilliant product

Jorge P.

Great brush, our daughter has enjoyed so so much. So easy to untangle her hair!

Lori P.

This. Is. A. Complete. Game. Changer…🎉💖🎉!!

I cannot recommend this magical brush highly enough!!

Thank you 💖

Nyssa D.

I used this for my toddler’s hair. It makes my daughter’s hair shine and detangle.

Kristen S.

My girls have very knotty frizzy hair and sensitive heads. They love this brush and won’t let me use anything else on it. It gets through the knots so easily and makes their hair soft and silky.

Arianna S.

Hair brushing used to be very distressing due to sensory sensitivities. Since discovering these amazing brushes it is tear free & no longer causes anxiety. She will no longer use any other brush & has even started doing her own hair 🙌🏻

Kim W.

My two favourite rainbow items!

We bought this brush for our toddler, and she’s been very happy with it since. Recently I washed and dried my hair and went to sleep without brushing first. Woke up to a tangled nightmare. Brushing with my usual brush wasn’t much fun, so I tried out this brush myself- and now I need to buy one too. Great product in cute colours! :)

Amy D.

This brush truly does make brushing hair pain free and knots come out easy! I have never used a brush like this one, it is amazing.

Tracey D.

My daughter has ASD and this brush has made hair brushing so much easier. No more tears!

Tanya R.

I have fine long grey hair which knots easy. I use this brush on wet and dry hair. Makes my hair smooth and shiny. Absolutely love it.

Robyn M.

I bought the brush for my granddaughter Sally who is on the spectrum and wouldn’t let anyone do her hair, without crying & screaming. I took the brush up to her last Friday and straight out of the package she did her own hair & then let me & her mother brush her hair. We couldn’t believe it. I highly recommend this brush !!!

Renee G.

The kids love it so much they dot only use it for brushing their hair but it gets used in their imaginary play. Here you see the ids set up a hair dresser with dad in front of the TV


I have tried so many brushes without success. Why is this one different?

There is no such thing as bad hair, only bad brushes. The ButterTangle brushes "secret sauce" is in the bristles.

Our brushes combine natural boar bristles with nylon pins to gently detangle the hair, reduce frizz and make hair happy and healthy.

While other brushes tug, pull, and can cause breakage the ButterTangle brush glides through hair like a knife through butter.

Can I use this brush on wet hair?

Yes absolutely! The ButterTangle brush is perfectly safe to use on wet hair. The flexible bristles gently brush without pulling, reducing the risk of breakage.

Does this brush work on curly hair?

Of course! We've heard great things from our curly haired customers. The ButterTangle brush works wonders on all hair types.

Is this brush good for sensory sensitive children/ children with Autism?

Yes! We've had nothing but positive feedback from our customers who have children with Autism and sensory sensitivities.

What if I'm not happy with my brush?

If you're not happy, we're not happy. If you feel like the ButterTangle brush is not right for you, no worries, send us a message for a quick, easy, no hassle return.